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Game Development & Consulting

Popularizing Play

At Total Eclipse we craft high-quality games and applications for desktop, mobile, and the Web.

Our mission is to “Popularize Play”, by creating memorable experiences for millions of people worldwide. We believe that games have a lot to offer, no matter the player’s age, gender or interests.

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Key Highlights

VC-funded, independent game development studio in Greece.

12+ years of expertise in development for mobile, desktop, and the Web.

Designed, developed and shipped 9 titles across mobile, desktop and physical stores.

Millions of downloads, top ranks, and worldwide features across stores.

Work for Hire Services

Game Development

We provide full game development services for mobile and other platforms. We also do game design and prototype development on demand.

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Software Development

Our experienced engineers can complement your team, or undertake a whole project. We have delivered projects for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, Linux, Mac, Web.

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Art & UX Design

With an extensive UX and UI expertise, we can design an engaging flow for your applications or games, and our talented artists can create beautiful art for your games.

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QA & Usability

We can review and build your usability processes, provide you with guidelines and testing procedures and consult on how to make your applications and games more user-friendly and engaging.

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Software Quality

Our experienced professionals offer tailored consulting services such as Architecture, Code & API Review, Production Pipeline Analysis for games, Hiring & Technical Interviews and more.

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We provide Research services for your target markets and competition, Analysis of the guidelines of your target platforms, analytics, and App Store Optimization services.

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Why work with us

Receive Outstanding Quality

We start quality tests from the first build. We pay attention to detail, focus on fun and add a high level of polish: it’s the least we can do for our users.

Benefit From Our Expertise

Our seasoned team has battle-tested experience in developing software, with numerous products already released. We are advocates of life-long learning and we stay abreast of the latest technologies by continuously training ourselves.

Extend Your Team Naturally & Efficiently

We adapt to your project’s needs and your team’s workflow. Over the years we have developed internal workflow pipelines that make us even more efficient.

Stay Informed Throughout With Transparent Communication

We use digital collaborative tools and will provide reporting as required throughout all stages. All our communication, even internal reporting, is conducted in English.

Work With People Who Really Care

Your success is our success. We care deeply about bringing a game to life and we will stand behind our work. From concept and pre-production to finished product and support, we put a lot of love into our craft.

Management Team

Argiris Bendilas

Co-founder & CEO

  • 18 years of experience in Creative Direction, Business Development and Game Production
  • Photoshop master, with an uncanny eye for detail
  • Supervised numerous artists – responsible for the games’ creative direction

Dimitrios Bendilas

Co-founder & CTO

  • 17 years of experience in Software Engineering and Game Design
  • Began programming at 11
  • Software architect – trained a multitude of people
  • Chief Game Designer for 8 titles

Maria Sifnioti, PhD

Producer & Researcher

  • 7 years of experience in Game Development, and 16 in IT
  • Problem solver, bug fixer and Analytics advocate
  • Overseen production of 2 titles, and created and trained the studio’s QA and Usability segments

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