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A Clockwork Brain Launches on the Amazon Appstore!

A couple of months ago, it was our great pleasure to announce that we had started porting A Clockwork Brain to Android using Unity3D.

We’re even happier today, because the first Android launch of a Total Eclipse game is a reality! A Clockwork Brain is now available on the Amazon Appstore!

A Clockwork Brain Launches on the Amazon Appstore

Before saying anything else, I would like to publicly thank the whole team. Everyone really pulled together to make this build happen. We had a number of unexpected twists and turns, particularly in the last couple of days before launch, but we made it.

So, I thought you might have some questions:

“Why Amazon? Why not Google Play first?”

Throughout the porting process we have come to understand that it is very difficult, particular for a small studio to launch on two platforms at the same time. The quality on both would suffer. It is much better, for us and for the players, to optimise the build for each platform as much as possible. Google Play needs a lot of extra QA to ensure that we’re OK in the majority of devices we are targeting. It is definitely coming in early 2015.

There a number of reasons we decided to “go Amazon” first.

  1. Fewer devices: 9 vs. 3250 (no comments needed here…)
  2. Despite its small market size, it is considered a lucrative ecosystem.
  3. Less competition – ~240K apps vs ~1.5 Million.
  4. Certain promotional opportunities like Free App of the Day or Developer Select.
  5. Outstanding testing support for developers (Live App testing and the App Testing Service).

 “How many mini-games are available on A Clockwork Brain on Amazon?”

Twelve! Scrolling Silhouettes, Anagrams, Missing Tiles:, Chase the Numbers, Word Length, Sculpt Away, Directions, Points of View, Label It!, What Has Changed, Speed Match & Logic Tiles.

A Clockwork Brain running on Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ and Fire HDX 7″.

“What’s left to do?”

The Store area is still under development. Once it’s done, you will be able to unlock e.g. Item Packs with Sprocket Tokens you earn while playing, or purchase extra Token Packs. We’ve been having some setbacks with server syncing, but we are working on this as our first priority.

So go get A Clockwork Brain from Amazon, and tell your friends! Or,  if you don’t have a Kindle, just check out how shiny Sprocket looks on the site! 🙂

Thank you!

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