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Unity Port for A Clockwork Brain – DevLog #11

DevLog Header 11 SmallMulti-week Devlog 12/12/14 – 26/1/15

Hi folks.

Besides a much-needed holiday break, we have been working almost non-stop at A Clockwork Brain.

A Clockwork Brain on the Amazon Appstore

In early December we launched a paid version of A Clockwork Brain, with 12 mini-games, on the Amazon Appstore. This makes A Clockwork Brain available to all Kindle Fire devices of 2nd generation and up, including the Kindle Fire phone. Since then, it has already been featured twice, which is really great!

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Designing Missing Tiles

Counting items is not an uncommon mechanic in brain training applications. In A Clockwork Brain, however, the logic is reversed; players have to count what is missing, without being distracted by what is there. This can lead to very interesting gameplay, as the boundaries between the tiles are lost and the border-less shapes that are created become more homogenous and more difficult to process than in a typical count-the-blocks game.

Missing Tiles mini-game from Prototype to Final version

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The App Store Experiment

About a month ago we launched Maya’s Dress Up, our first game for the iPhone & iPad.

Like everyone else who gets involved in application development for the iOS App Store we were very curious to see how it would perform.

To date we’ve had a bit more than 1,700 sales for both devices and we estimate it would take us at least 6x that amount before we recoup our original investment. At the same time we’ve already got planned a lot of updates and improvements for the game, which will hopefully help it perform even better in the coming months.

Monitoring the sales and ranks of both our applications on the App Store has been part of our every day routine, since they were released. It’s a nice thing to see when you get a spike (it’s true that on weekends sales go up!), but then you have to spend some time thinking what could have caused that spike.

Unfortunately Apple doesn’t provide any kind of insights as to what works and what doesn’t with one’s marketing efforts, something that people have been requesting for sometime now. In the end you’re left guessing…

The experiment

Although Greeks ourselves, we usually don’t pay much attention to the regional App Store, as we’d only had 9 sales from it in the first month. This Monday, however, I noticed a spike in sales for the iPhone edition, coming from Greece, in one of AppFigures‘ great reports.Maya's Dress Up climbs the charts in the Greek App Store

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