Total Eclipse

Game Development & Consulting

The Company

At Total Eclipse we craft high-quality games and applications for desktop, mobile, and the Web. The studio was founded in 2004 in Thessaloniki, Greece, by brothers Argiris and Dimitrios Bendilas. Since the beginning we focused on the international games market and a wide audience, and received €530K in VC funding (2014-16), as well as over $400K from publishers (2008-10).

Our mission is to “Popularize Play”, by creating memorable experiences for millions of people worldwide. We believe that games have a lot to offer, no matter the player’s age or gender.

Through the years we designed, developed & released 10 titles across stores, with millions of downloads, and have built relationships and contacts with global distribution partners and platform owners such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Valve.

One of our most notable achievements is The Clockwork Man franchise. It includes two Hidden Object & Adventure games and a spin-off, A Clockwork Brain, a puzzle game that trains the brain while having fun.

We work with a variety of technologies, such as Unity, and have built several tools and reusable frameworks of our own. This makes our development times faster and allows us to focus on what matters most: the user’s satisfaction.