Downloadable games

  1. The Clockwork Man 2 [Ultimate Edition] Bundle

    The Clockwork Man 2 [Ultimate Edition] Bundle

    A chance discovery leads you on the journey of a lifetime! Embark on a steam-powered, rollercoaster adventure through land, air and water, to find the land of legends; the Hidden World!

  2. The Clockwork Man

    The Clockwork Man

    A momentous invention needs your help to get built! Explore a steampunk, Victorian universe and gather components for the most bizarre, outwardly, and powerful construct.

  3. Fashion Boutique

    Fashion Boutique

    Use your savvy management skills and rescue a series of fashion shops from financial collapse! Will your career or personal life take priority?

  4. Bounty [Special Edition]

    Bounty [Special Edition]

    The treasure of a legendary pirate can be yours! Pillage, plunder, but mostly puzzle your way through 140 mind-challenging levels to get your hands on it!

  5. Academy of Magic - Word Spells

    Academy of Magic - Word Spells

    This is how wizards really train! Use your word-crafting skills to advance in the Academy and become a Grandmaster of Magic.