General enquiries and registration

  • Some games say PC+Mac or PC+Mac+Linux, what does this mean?

    It means that for one price you get the game for all computer platforms currently available for that particular game. So, if you ever go Mac (or Linux) you would have instant access to the particular game build at no extra cost to you. We also pledge costless future availability. If you buy one of our games currently available only for the PC, when it’s out for the Mac you’ll get access to it. For free.

  • I would like to play a demo before I buy.

    All of our downloadable games have demo versions; please visit the individual game page to access it.

  • I wish to try/buy the game in a language other than English.

    Most of our games have been translated in major European languages; please visit the individual game page to find out more.

  • Registration

    Do I have to register to use your website?

    You only have to register with us if you want to make a purchase. Downloading a demo, browsing around or playing our online games does not require any sort of registration.

  • How can I register?

    You can register by clicking on Create Account and then proceed to enter an e-mail and preferred password for your account. You will need to validate your e-mail before you can complete any purchases from the site.

  • I have not received a validation e-mail.

    The validation e-mail should usually arrive within a few minutes of your registration. Please check your spam folder as sometimes e-mails end up there. Otherwise, get in touch with us through our Support Form.

  • I have forgotten my password.

    Please visit the Forgot Password area and enter the e-mail you used to register.

  • I have forgotten the e-mail I used to register.

    If you have previously bought a game from us, please get in touch with our Support team and let us know of your full name and one of your purchases.

  • I have issues with viewing your website.

    Make sure you’re using the most updated version of your browser. If the issues persist please get in touch us through the Support Form.

  • I get a Server redirect error.

    Please clear your browser’s cookies.  The following instructions might help:

    • Internet Explorer 8: Go to Tools->Delete Browsing History. Make sure Cookies is selected and click on Delete.
    • Firefox 3.5 and up: Go to Tools->Clear Recent HistoryàDetails and make sure Cookies are selected. Click on Clear Now.
    • Chrome: Click the wrench/spanner button and choose Options. From Under the Hood Tab, select Clear Browsing Data. Make sure Delete Cookies is selected and click on Clear Browsing Data.
    • Safari:  (Mac OSX) Go to the Safari Menu and choose Preferences (Windows/Linux) Click the Gear Button and choose Preferences. Navigate to Security and click Show Cookies. In the Search field enter Total Eclipse and delete the resulting cookies.
  • I want to cancel my account.

    If you wish to cancel your Total Eclipse account, please contact us. We need to verify that you are the owner of the account and confirm that you want to permanently delete it. Bear in mind that once your account is deleted it is a permanent, undoable, procedure and that you will lose any access to the download area of your purchased games and any other extra content.


Our detailed FAQ answers the most asked-about questions. If you cannot find a solution here, please contact the Customer Support Team, either by completing the form or sending us an e-mail.