Portable games

  1. Fashion Getaway for iPhone & iPad

    Fashion Getaway for iPhone & iPad

    Take a break in style in ‘Fashion Getaway’ a luxurious dress-up and puzzle game. Let your creativity flow, choosing the ultimate outfit and accessory combination while you indulge in your wildest fashion dreams, jetting your international models off to exotic locations and worldwide hot spot destinations! Ruffle through their wardrobe, and discover gorgeous tops, hot bikinis, and en vogue dresses! Spice-up the girls’ look with an incredible range of accessories and show stopping hairstyles!

  2. A Clockwork Brain for iPhone/iPad

    A Clockwork Brain for iPhone/iPad

    Train your brain and challenge yourself with A Clockwork Brain! Discover a series of ingenious mini-games/contraptions especially created to test your cognitive abilities such as visual/spatial, logic, language, arithmetic, and memory.