Sending and receiving gifts

  • I want to gift a game, how do I do that?

    Visit the page of the game you wish to gift. Click on the Gift icon and choose the language your gifted game will be in. When you complete your purchase you will need to provide with the recipient’s e-mail in order to receive his/her game.

  • I received a game as a gift, how do I get it?

    The only thing you need to do is register for an account here at Total Eclipse using the e-mail credited with a gift. If you already have an account with us, you will instantly see your new Gift in Unopened Gifts.Click on Accept Gift to receive it. The game is automatically transferred to your purchased games.

  • How do I know my friend has received his/her gift?

    In My Games, under your purchases, you will see a list of Gifts Given and the people you have sent it to. If it says accepted it means that your friend has received and accepted your present!

  • It’s been some time and my friend has not received their gift.

    Please get in touch with us via the Support Form and tell us the e-mail of your friend and the gift that you have sent.


Our detailed FAQ answers the most asked-about questions. If you cannot find a solution here, please contact the Customer Support Team, either by completing the form or sending us an e-mail.