The Clockwork Man 2 Official Game Guide Available for PC Available for Mac Available for Linux

“The Guide impressed me as much as the game did.  Not only was it beautiful to look at, but it was a real joy to use.” - Dottie from Texas, USA

“Of all the things in the Guide, the Soundtrack gave me the most enjoyment.” - Dottie from New Mexico, USA

“The layout, the content, the ease of access... everything about it made me absolutely thrilled that I had bought the Ultimate Edition - and I hadn't even looked at the game yet!” - Colleen - Oregon, USA

“I used the Guide a couple times when I was totally lost, but it was quite easy to use and got me back on track immediately.” - Sandy from Oregon, USA

“Easy to use,and very beautifully done. I quickly found what I needed and it really helped me solve the problem I had.” - Anja from Karlsruhe, Germany

“The walkthrough for The Clockwork Man 2 is probably the best walkthrough I have ever used… I would like to commend whoever designed it for a job well done.” -Kathy from Tennessee, USA

“I could look at the art again and again! Loved the biographies too!!” -Roberta from AZ, USA.

This Guide is not just a plain old walkthrough. It is a feature-rich goodie bag full of Clockwork Man charm!

Own the enchanting, orchestral soundtrack of the game - even export it for use on your music device! Browse through a unique collection of concept art and wallpapers. Get all the help you'll ever need for playing The Clockwork Man: The Hidden World with rich video and step-by step solutions.

English -

only $6.95

* PC, Mac, Linux included
English only $6.95
* PC, Mac, Linux included

Only $6.95!

English (PC + Mac + Linux)

More Systems & Languages


  • A detailed, illustrated walkthrough with video solutions for those difficult times! (includes color coding for items and hotspots for your convenience)
  • The full orchestral soundtrack in high quality!
  • Gorgeous wallpapers!
  • Lots and lots of concept art!
  • Story and character insights!
  • Both PC & Mac versions!
  • No DRM. No serial numbers. You bought it? Then it’s yours forever!


  • Game Guide - Screenshot _1
  • Game Guide - Screenshot _2
  • Game Guide - Screenshot _0
  • Game Guide - Screenshot _0

Available languages


Minimum System Requirements

OSWindows XP/Vista/7
CPU2.0 GHz
RAM1024 MB
Hard Drive260 ΜΒ
OSMac OS X 10.4 or better
CPU1.0 GHz
RAM1024 MB
Hard Drive270 ΜΒ
OSFedora 6 / Ubuntu 6 / Open Suse 10.2 / Mandriva 2007 (Kernel 2.6, GLIB 2.4, GTK 2) - 32bit
CPU2.0 GHz
RAM1024 MB
Hard Drive260 ΜΒ

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