The Clockwork Man Available for Windows Available for Mac Available for Linux

“Your game is absolutely great, beta tested and loved it then. Thank you for a great game.”  - Terri from FL, USA.

 “Just finished the game and absolutely LOVED it - will be looking forward to the sequel. Again, thanks for your help. It has been a pleasure dealing with you.”- Mary Alice from MO, USA.

“Played the game all afternoon and it was wonderful. Love the graphics and the scrolling. The voice overs were very well done and the artwork was gorgeous. Game play was great too!!” -Rhonda from MN, USA.

“Keep making great games and I'll keep buying them :) Keep up the good work :) Oh and thank you for the fast replies, very nice.” - Meg from VA, USA.

“Beautiful graphics, nice voice overs, lovely music, correct English dialog, generous hint system, no timer for relaxing, can replay again with a different hidden object list.” - Dawn from AZ, USA.

Gather the parts to the world's greatest invention in this unique Steampunk, Hidden Object Adventure!

At the turn of the century, in an alternate timeline, steam-powered technology has become dominant in almost all walks of life. Join Miranda Calomy, and her robot, Sprocket, on a journey through this world of wondrous science!

* PC, Mac, Linux included
Multilingual only $14.95
* PC, Mac, Linux included

Only $14.95/€14.95/£14.95 +VAT

Multilingual (PC & Mac) + English (Linux)

Multilingual PC Demo (90 MB)

More Systems & Languages


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Game Features

  • Explore unique Scrolling & Zoomable multi-layered scenes.
  • Find hundreds of hand-painted Victorian items.
  • Solve many adventure & logic puzzles.
  • Get spoiled only as much as you need thanks to an innovative hint system.
  • Enjoy high replay value as hidden items appear in alternate locations on consecutive play sessions.


  • The Clockwork Man - Miranda's Lab
  • The Clockwork Man - Zeppelin Engine Puzzle
  • The Clockwork Man - Miranda and Esra
  • The Clockwork Man - New Coventry
  • The Clockwork Man - The Hotel Ballroom
  • The Clockwork Man - The General Store

Minimum System Requirements

OSWindows XP/Vista/7
CPU1.6 GHz
Hard Drive126 ΜΒ
OSMac OS X 10.4 or later
CPU1.0 GHz
Hard Drive150 ΜΒ
OSFedora 6 / Ubuntu 6 / Open Suse 10.2 / Mandriva 2007 (Kernel 2.6, GLIB 2.4, GTK 2) - 32bit
CPU1.6 GHz
Hard Drive126 ΜΒ

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