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We can develop online, downloadable, and smartphone games on demand. Apart from fun and entertainment games, alternative forms of games such as advergaming, education, and serious gaming interest us greatly. If you wish to explore our portfolio, browse through our games or play a free demo

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We specialise in 2-D/2.5D applications with hand-drawn graphics; if you are looking for assistance on a full-scale 3D real-time application there are many other competent studios that will meet your needs.

Our services

  • Full-scale game development and production.
  • Consultancy and advice on developing games for a variety of media and target groups.
  • Game prototyping.
  • Game design documentation and pre-production.

All of our services are offered for either English or Greek localisations. No other languages are supported at present.


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You want to make any type of game for one, or more, platforms. This includes entertainment, education, serious and advergames.

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You have a great game idea and you need help putting it to paper. Or perhaps you need to make design and pre-production choices and are looking for professional advice.

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