Total Eclipse

Game Development & Consulting


Our own backend synchronisation platform that manages the configuration and user state of all users. Specialized in game applications, but supports other types of apps as well. Each instance can hold multiple apps and millions of users. The server is written in Python, using Flask and SQLalchemy, currently running on Heroku. The client is written in C#.

Its most prominent features are:


Synchronizes virtual currency, resources and unlocked content among multiple devices of each user. The user can start on one device and continue on another.

Offline support

The platform allows users to play the game and have access to almost all functionality even when there is no Internet connection, something that is not supported by the majority of modern free to play games. This increases the places and circumstances at which our games can be played, e.g. during a flight.

IAP Verification

In-App Purchases are validated before virtual items are delivered, in order to battle fraudulent transactions.

Multi-user support

Supports multiple users on a device and multiple devices per user.


Usage analytics and player historical data.


Developers can define various game parameters, which are synchronized into the clients and affect the application’s behaviour for all users, or per user.


The platform is highly extensible and can provide app-specific functionality with custom logic.