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Looking for controls? Start here!

A few weeks ago, while implementing power-ups in Monster Snack, we did a bit of brainstorming on the mechanics players could use to collect them.

We scribbled down quite a few and then made them fight each other… OK, maybe we just evaluated them. Although we ended up choosing one, it was a difficult decision. We needed a control that would not interfere with the basic one-tap mechanic used in Monster Snack’s core gameplay and would also allow players to collect the power-ups while coping with the frantic gameplay.

After the brainstorming session, what we were left with was a victor and a whiteboard full of controls that were solid, but couldn’t quite fit in Monster Snack. So, we decided to compile a list you can refer to if you’re out of ideas, or just want to jumpstart your own brainstorming sessions.

If touch-screen controls is what you want, we believe some of them will come in handy!

The list of controls now looking for a new home:

All mechanics relative to the power-up itself (i.e. Tap on the power-up)

  • Tap on
  • Swipe/Flick anywhere
  • Swipe towards
  • Two fingers’ tap on
  • Swipe over (Fruit Ninja style!)
  • Swipe (from vessel/main character towards)
  • Pinch
  • Hit/Zap (player actively hitting the power-up with the main control)
  • Button (appears when the power-up comes into play and a single press releases a catcher!)
  • Tap on the catcher (catcher constantly follows you around)
  • Gestures anywhere
  • Tap ‘n’ hold
  • Two fingers’ swipe
  • Tap combo (like a morse code or a number of taps on a button)
  • Tilt (vessel motion)
  • Swipe (vessel motion)
  • Tap and drag power up
  • Shake the device
  • Tilt (moves vehicle, vehicle catches the item)
  • Suck sound, detected by microphone
  • Blow sound, detected by microphone
  • Tap ‘n’ hold (magnetize)
  • Double tap (vessel/main character)
  • On Power-up Gestures (rhythmic taps)
  • On Power-up Gestures (i.e. circle around)
  • Tap ‘n’ hold (controlling vessel motion when power-up appears)
  • Virtual d-pad (controlling vessel motion when power-up appears)

If you think that some of the controls listed here seem weird, you are not alone! Remember that this is a result of a brainstorming session, where everyone said anything that came to mind, unfiltered.

Of course, this list is also not inclusive; we’re sure we missed a few. You can always help us grow it using the comment section below!

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