Total Eclipse

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Management Team

Maria Sifnioti, PhD

Maria has a cross-disciplinary education ranging from Computer Science to Archaeology, a PhD in Computer Science and two Masters Degrees. With her experience of working in IT research, and being a core gamer for decades, she has brought valuable insights to the team. She often carries hard-core gamer knowledge to the casual space, thus helping create products of higher quality and innovation. She has been working with Total Eclipse for 7.5 years and helps define the overall company strategy. She became a partner in 2014.

Maria has worked on 4 games as an Associate Producer and has acted as Producer and Project Manager for the 2 most recent titles. She has also significantly contributed in game design, programming, scripting, writing, research and analytics. Lastly, she has organised and trained the company’s QA and Usability staff.

When not playing Fallout, or reading books, Maria loves cooking Asian food and experimenting with new recipes.