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Monster Snack – What It Is and How It Came to Be!

Those of you following up with our news on Facebook and Twitter, may have already heard about our upcoming iOS game, Monster Snack.

Monster Snack - What it is and how it came to be!

Soon after the release of Fashion Getaway, we decided to take a break from long development cycles. Thus came to be the idea of a fast-paced, rather unforgiving, endless runner. And we were going to finish it in just 1 month, from conception to App Store submission!

Monster Snack is our first take on the genre and focuses heavily on attention and precision by combining action with puzzle elements. You take control of the laser cannons on a flying vessel, operated by our hero, Monsieur LeCroque, and your task is to collect energy to stay afloat.

Collecting energy is essential if you want to survive Gaspaude, the not-so-bright angler fish that’s always one step behind you, but could very easily become your doom.

Gaspaude, the angler fish, chasing Monsieur LeCroque.The game would be freemium and monetization would come from both ads and In-App Purchases. Freemium games bring a substantial overhead to their development, something that can be often underestimated.

About a month into development, and having made significant progress on all aspects of the game, we decided to test it with actual gamers, both casual and hardcore. After performing an in-house usability test and later on handing over the game to friends and strangers alike, we were thrilled to learn that we had created a fun, addictive game that people would like to play again and again. Equally important was to learn that significant changes and additions were needed to make the game fly.

With a new deadline at hand, we decided to revisit the game’s controls as well as develop additional content and features, which would make Monster Snack even more appealing and fun!

Starting today, and having just begun our second month of development, we’ll be giving you more information about the game through a series of blog posts. Our aim is to keep you informed and engaged in the game’s development, and hopefully allow you to contribute to its success with your comments and ideas!

More information, including a gameplay video, is coming soon! Until then, stay tuned!

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