Total Eclipse

Game Development & Consulting


Follow the clues to the treasure of a lifetime, in this unique twist of a match-3 & puzzle game!

Use your wits against the clock to solve 140 mind-boggling levels and gain riches untold! And if you are a landlubber, do not despair! The Relaxed, untimed mode is just for you! Or, if you feel particularly brave, see how long you can last in Eternity mode!

Unweave Mirabelle’s story by unlocking a wealth of hand-drawn comic pages. Collect and use power-ups, achieve well-timed combos, and uncover hidden levels!

Key Features

  • Adventure, Relaxed & Eternity modes to suit all playing styles!
  • 140 Mind-Boggling Levels of Puzzle Action!
  • 13 Beautiful Themes to Discover!
  • Piratey Orchestral Soundtrack and a song written specifically for the game!
  • 86 Pages of Comic Book Style Cutscenes!