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Unlucky 13

Endless, tile-based fun for puzzle lovers of all ages.

Place blocks on the board and make lines with tiles of any color. If you connect 13 or more tiles of the same color, you lose!

It’s simple, yet deceptively challenging! Even though you may think it’s all about luck, it actually requires skill and strategy.

Ιf, at any point, you think you are done for, worry not! You can always count on our power ups to save you. Prepare to give your brain a workout, and hone your perception and number skills!

Do you have what it takes to dominate the global charts?

Key Features

  • Have fun with simple, addictive gameplay!
  • Relax with minimal, soothing graphics!
  • Unlock dozens of beautiful & unique themes as you play!
  • Feel the challenge with over 40 different block shapes!
  • Get another chance with those power ups!
  • Enjoy the upbeat music and sound effects!
  • Share your high scores and invite your friends to join the competition!
  • Unlock both the obvious and the crazy Achievements!