Total Eclipse

Game Development & Consulting


Art & UX Design

We make sure our applications are fun and engaging, first and foremost. We always prototype our ideas and use iterative design to improve them. Our end products are produced with a high amount of polish and attention to detail. We provide various services in the area of design.

Creative Direction

A game’s graphics, music, sound effects and typography, they all define a major part of its identity.

When working on the Creative Direction of a title, we make sure that the aesthetics work in favour of the game design, in a way that they complement each other.

In the end, it’s about everything coming together to create a unique experience.

UI/UX Design

Our long experience from our web design years (Argiris & Dimitrios’ first company) has carried over to the era where mobile reigns. Still guided by the same core principles of Typography, UI & UX, we strive to create experiences with elements that are pleasing to the eye, serve the product design and delight the user.

2D/2.5D Graphics & Concept Art

As part of our full game development service, we offer art services, which include environmental and character concept designs, mocks, as well as fully rendered 2D and 2.5 game art, GUI, and marketing/packaging illustrations.