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SolarWind Connectivity Unity Plugin

SolarWind Connectivity is a flexible and powerful Unity Plugin for detecting the actual Internet connectivity on any device and platform, as Unity’s Application.internetReachability cannot always be relied upon. Desktop devices are always considered as connected via LAN. Also, portable devices can appear as connected but not have broad access to the Internet, because they are still inside a captive portal on a public-access network such as a hotel, waiting to get real access. This is what this plugin is about: a reliable way of always knowing whether you really are connected to the Internet, under any circumstances.

SolarWind Connectivity can also be used to detect the connectivity of different destinations at the same time, and provides a convenient API for that. For example, in some cases, it’s crucial that the app knows if it can connect to a specific backend service, and not just simply if it has “Internet access”. The plugin allows you to register as many different detectors as you want in order to suit your project’s needs. It is very flexible when it comes to the resources each detector takes, as you can configure detectors to only be invoked manually (on demand) or have them automatically perform a detection periodically, so that your app is always up to date in regards to connectivity.


  • Reliable detection of Internet connectivity
  • Multi-platform support (mobile & desktop: Android, iOS, Windows Store X86/ARM, PC & Mac Standalone)
  • Ready to use detectors (Google 204 page, Microsoft NCSI, Apple hotspot & success pages)
  • Detectors that point to custom URLs
  • Two different detection methods (by HTTP status code or by response string), easily extensible
  • Recurring detection or extra-lightweight manual detection
  • Information about connectivity changes (total time connected/disconnected, latest detection time, connection history, errors, etc)
  • High extensibility, for suiting custom needs

You can download the plugin from the Unity Asset Store or check the manual.