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Unity Port for A Clockwork Brain – DevLog #2

A Clockwork Brain DevLog 2Week  29/9-3/10

Last week we almost completed the porting of three more mini-games. More specifically, we began tackling the tile-based games, Sculpt Away, Size Matters, and Logic Tiles. These three games have very different mechanics, but are all based on using and manipulating blocks of tiles. The first part of last week was spent building the tile engine that would be used in all three games. After that, Sculpt Away was the first game to be finished. Size Matters was done next, but it gave us a bit of a trouble as there were some performance issues when moving lots of tiles of different colours. We promptly fixed that, and moved on to Logic Tiles which should be completed later this week.

On other matters, we are examining the issue of APK expansion files for the Google Play Store. If an app is larger than 50 MB in size, you have to ‘separate’ your content in two files. The first file, which must be < 50 MB, will be the one that the player will initially download from the Store. Once it is run, it will download an expansion file containing the remainder of the app. As this is not limited to the final, produced version of the game, but has to be implemented for the alpha and beta testing versions, it is of high priority. Unity 4 has a different way than earlier versions of using OBB files, via the split download option in Player Settings. A Unity forum thread has some recent discussions, while an article offers a step-by-step guide to an implementation.

In media, indie games’ press has already started discussing Clockwork Brain coming to Android! Last week we had mentions from Android Rundown , the Gaming Ground,  Indie Game Mag  and the French

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Maria Sifnioti – Producer

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