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Unity Port for A Clockwork Brain – DevLog #3

Week 6/10 – 11/10

Welcome back to another post of insider’s information on the porting of A Clockwork Brain on Unity!

Last week we did a lot of bug-fixing and optimisations, as there were a few serious glitches to tackle, before moving forward. We also finished the Logic Tiles mini-game.

A Clockwork Brain DevLog 3

Both our creative director and illustrator have begun work on a redesign of the in-game store in order to accommodate a Sprocket Token-based economy, as well as on the illustration of a new mini-game: Wheel of Colors. More information on that soon!

We also worked extensively on adapting the game for wide/long screens. We decided to expand each mini-game’s background, so that it can fill different screens sizes nicely.

The approach that we will be using has to be:

  • Memory-friendly (you don’ t want to burden the device with a lot more graphics)
  • Aesthetically pleasing (the games should still look very nice on all screens)
  • Customisable (usable with hundreds of different configurations)

We finally settled on a design that uses custom-made top and bottom borders that can also expand vertically when tiled. Since each mini-game is depicted as a contraption, we will be expanding the top and bottom, in a way to show more of the device. Here is how the mini game Directions would look at a 16:10 resolution, for example:

directions1The borders can be exported in atlases without transparency and both take 1 MB of RAM with ETC1 compression. Most of them we have managed to fit in existing background atlases so they will not take any extra memory at all.

That’s it for last week. Questions? Comments? Tell us below.


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